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Walking Stick For Blind.
Student Team/ Author : Maninderjit Kaur , Naina
Guide By : Mr. Narinderpal Singh
Degree : Electronics and Communication
College : CTIEMT, Jalandhar
•To study about AVR interface •To make project which for handicapped or blind person – Biomedical based

In this project we show that how we modify the blind stick for blind person. We convert the normal blind stick into robotic blind stick. In this stick we use five different sensor with microcontroller interface. Here in this project we use ic ATMEGA16 as a main microcontroller to interface the blind stick with the different sensor’s and different sound. Main part of this project is software, software is to be written in assmeblly language and assemble this software in the avr assembler. After assemble the software in the assembler we assemble it and then assembler automatically convert this asm file into hex file. Now this hex file is to be transfer into the blank ship with the help of programmer kit. Programmer kit is connect with the computer via serial port and hex file from the computer is to be transfer into the blank chip with the help of this kit. We use a multitime programmable chip, so we use this chip for many time.

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