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Technologies for the Disabled -> Hearing Impairment

1. Gesture To Speech Conversion
  Student/ Team Members : Gaurav, ROHIT BANSAL
  Guide By : Prof.M.RadhaKrishna
  College : Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad
  A project intended to help deaf and dumb people to communicate with common people The proposed idea is to build a real time embedded gesture to text converter which first capture different gestures of dumb people and then translate them into speech at run time This project involves extensive use ... read more

2. Sensing Device For Deaf And Dumb Person Using Zigbee Protocol
  Student/ Team Members : Hiren Niranjani,Priyank Joshi
  Guide By : C.D.Parmar
  College : B.H. GARDI College of Engg. & tech.
  Today the general technique used to communicate with the deaf persons is through gestures when they are face to face but when they are at a certain distance then it becomes very difficult to communicate with them due to deficiency of hearing While the rest of society uses modern telephone ... read more

3. Electronic Support System For Physically Disabled Deaf And Dumb
  Student/ Team Members : patel vishal,patel chirag,patel jay
  Guide By : Ms. Dipti Patel
  College : C.K.Pithawalla College of Eng.
  A lot of work has been done in the field of sign language recognition all over the world The main focus of such work is to make the life of vocally impaired people more comfortable It also bridges the communication gap between the normal and the abnormal people The deaf ... read more

4. Hand Gesture Recognitation For Deaf And Dumb
  Guide By : Mrs. SAPNA GARDE
  This is a very important matter relating to the deaf persons of the country These people are obviously physically challenged We understand that all sides of the House must have sympathy and definitely have responsibility towards them It also influences their feelings about how to exist as a people This ... read more

5. Gsm Based Calling Bell For Deaf And Dumb
  Guide By : Prof.(Dr.) Sakuntala Mahapatra
  College : Trident Academy of Technology, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  The Sole Aim of the design is to develop a system based on embedded micro controller which is used for calling bell for giving information to deaf and dumb people when any person will press door bell ... read more

6. Dumb Sign System Using Image Processing
  Student/ Team Members : Chavda Kartikkumar Vasantbhai, Patel Himanshukumar Babulal, Khandare Vipulbhai Prakashbhai
  College : Universal College Of Engineering & Technology
  Today 60 million people in India who are deaf dumb Very difficult for the deaf dumb to communicate with the ordinary world as all of us do not know the Indian sign Language We know that big trouble of the dumb deaf people there is very difficult to communicate with ... read more

7. Sign Language Converter
  Student/ Team Members : Parmar Dhruval Harishchandra, Chauhan Manishaben Ganpatsinh
  College : Parul Institute Of Engineering & Technology
  The SLC Sign Language Converter using glove provide us communication between deaf dumb and normal person Our Project is truly depended upon electronics and communication HOW We have used embedded system using AT89S52 controller in it Now a days AT89S52 controller is widely used in industries because with help of ... read more

8. Display System For Deaf Dumb By Gesture
  Student/ Team Members : Barot Vivekkumar Rajeshbhai, Pandya Nilay Tarakbhai, Panchal Ruchit Hitendrakumar
  College : Universal College Of Engineering & Technology
  The people who are deaf dumb and paralyzed patients those have difficulty in communication So at that time electronic hand glove is used for communication and for that one hand is used for making position of different fingers using flex sensors The objective of my project is to develop a ... read more

9. A Portable Glove Based Sign Language Translator With Lcd Display
  Student/ Team Members : Panchal Nehaben Harshadkumar, Patel Jankiben Anilbhai, Manwani Raveena Haresh
  Guide By : Rajesh Shah
  College : Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute Of Technology
  Sign language is a language through which communication is possible without the means of acoustic sounds Instead sign language relies on sign patterns i e body language orientation and movements of the arm to facilitate understanding between people In this report we describe an automatic sign language to text translation ... read more

10. Object Identification For Deaf And Dumb
  Student/ Team Members : Patel Urveshkumar Anilbhai, Kazi Kamrus Mohsinmiya, Patel Parth Rameshbhai, Patel Dhavalkumar Bipinbhai
  College : Dr. Jivraj Mehta Institute Of Technology, Mogar
  The goal is to determine whether people have regular and recognizable patterns of interaction with objects as they perform such activities Our aim is to describe the design and working of a system which is useful for dumb and deaf people to communicate with one another and with the normal ... read more

11. Sign Language Coach
  Student/ Team Members : Rathod Riya Kamleshbhai, Patel Meena Jayantibhai, Tabiyad Payal Arjanbhai
  College : L. D. College Of Engineering, Ahmedabad
  Sign Language is a visual language based on hand gestures It has been well developed by the deaf community over the past centuries and is the 3rd most use language in the United States today Our motivation is two fold Aside from helping deaf people communicate more easily the SLC ... read more

12. Dumb Sign System Using Speech Communication
  Student/ Team Members : Mr.Santhosh kumar.B Mr. Sunil Dambal Mr.Niranjan Hegde Mr.Sameer Deshpande
  Guide By : Ms.B.Srilatha
  College : Shirdi Sai Engineering College
  ABSTRACT Education essentially includes the process of encouraging strengthening and guiding the faculties whether of mind or body so as to make them fit and ready instruments for the work they have to do and where the need exists it must include moreover the awakening for the first time into ... read more

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