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Technologies for the Disabled -> Visual Impairment

1. A Design Of Fpga Based Virtual Eye For The Blind
  Student/ Team Members : Panchal Parthkumar Ashokbhai, Patel Mayank Dashrathbhai
  College : Universal College Of Engineering & Technology
  Till date blind people struggle a lot to live their miserable life Their problems have made them to lose their hope to live in this competing society They seek help from others to guide them whole day This project aims to make the blind person fully independent in all aspects ... read more

2. Object Detecting And Directing System For Visually Impaired People
  Student/ Team Members : Desai Pankaj Jethabhai, Akabari Rakshit Parsotambhai
  College : Noble Group Of Institutions, Junagadh
  Blindness is one of the most severe types of disability that a person has to endure Traditionally blind people use white canes which are very limited in its ability to provide navigation properties to the user and cannot easily detect obstacles Mobility of visually impaired people is limited by their ... read more

3. Braille Transformation Tool For Blind
  Student/ Team Members : Aher Sachin, Joshi Urmit, Wale Ajit
  Guide By : Prof. B.L Kulkarni
  College : Amrutvahini Polytechnic, Amrutnagar, Sangamner, A.Nagar.
  In today s world mobile phone has become the most simplest effective way of communication What to do if we want to send a message to our friend Simple we write a sms send it to our friend That s very cool handy for us But what if one of ... read more

4. Path Finder For Blind People
  Student/ Team Members : Amruta C. Khot, Amruta A. Patil, Bhagyashri K. Jagtap, Aparna S. Kulkarni, Prajakta P. Deshmane, Manisha M. Magdum
  Guide By : Mr. B.S. Patil
  College : Padmabhooshan Vasantraodada Patil Institute Of Technology Budhgaon Sangli
  Normally the blind peoples are dependent on other people in their life for the sake of their convenience and to make them independent of other people Here we are using the radar technique It consist of trans receiver unit in which continuous transmission of the ultrasonic wave whenever the obstacle ... read more

5. Youspeak
  Student/ Team Members : Ashish Sharma, Neeraj Khandelwal, Mohit Kumar Bagra, Anupam ChaudharyÂ
  Guide By : Dr. Pawan Chakraborty
  College : Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad
  YouSpeak is an interface developed for blind people to work with file system and other speech based applications It is made in Java using Java Speech API It consist of a speech synthesizer to give feedback to user about current state of the system The interface is similar to windows ... read more

6. Alert Mechanism For Blind
  Student/ Team Members : Nitish Kumar Sunil Kumar. S Pramod Talagadi Preethi. C
  Guide By : Dr. B. Shadaksharappa
  College : Shirdi Sai Engineering College
  Even though we are in the twenty first century and the technology is kissing our feet there are many unfortunate ones who are physically and mentally challenged and for some reason the modern medicine seems to be of no effect to them and they remain on the mercy of the ... read more

7. Walking Stick For Blind
  Student/ Team Members : Maninderjit Kaur , Naina
  Guide By : Mr. Narinderpal Singh
  College : CTIEMT, Jalandhar
  To study about AVR interface To make project which for handicapped or blind person Biomedical based ... read more

8. Bus Identification System For Visually Impaired Persons
  Student/ Team Members : Anubha Singh, Reshu, Ritu Phogat
  Guide By : Hemangi pujara
  ABSTRACT Many commercial products developed allow those with disabilities to substantially improve their quality of life The use of these devices allows the user to experience the freedom of certain aspects of life such as mobility communication and other fundamental tasks Examples of such solutions include cochlear implants prosthetic limbs ... read more

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