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The long term sustainable development of the region depends critically upon emergence of an innovation based entrepreneurial ecosystem. BPUT provides very important link in harnessing the power of youth for development and diffusion of solutions based on the real life problems of MMES, informal sector and ideas of grassroots innovators, The partnership between, NIF, Sristiā€™s, BPUT, Dpt of MSME and other stakeholders was formalised in the meeting held in the office if Secretary MSME, Govt of Odisha. Earlier in the meeting chaired by the Chief Secretary, Odisha it was decided that while the short term strategies using bio resources available through the cyclone based damage should be developed and implemented, we should not lose sight of long term need of involving young students and facility members in developing solutions to persistent problems of our society.

Meeting Date- 12th Nov 2013

Office of Secretary to Govt, MSME, Odisha

Attendees: Shree Panchanan Dash , Secretary to Govt, MSME, Odisha ,Prof J K. Sataptahy , VC, BPUT,Odisha , Prof Anil K Gupta, HBN, IIM-A ,Dr. Vipin Kumar, CIO, NIF, Dr Balaram sahu , honeybee network collaborator , Mr. Hiranmay mahanta , MD,Techpedia

After reviewing the experience of experience in grassroots efforts at GTU in Gujarat, VTU in Karnataka and PTU in Punjab and the database of innovations including projects from 170,000 projects from around 600 plus Technical institutions across Indian universities following decisions were taken:

  • A task force will be set up comprising representative from MSME Dpt of Odisha, BPUT and Techpedia team to forge linkage between MSME, academia and economic and social entrepreneurs. This task force will meet every month for first 3 months to review, for every quarter for the 1st year and then as per the need.
  • It was decided the BPUT will pool all the projects of last 3 years (title, students name, department, guide name, college, university, subject tags/keywords, abstracts and contact address (either of student and/or faculty or both). They should also mention whether the full report of the project is available or not so that if any industry need that it can be made available. These project summary reports can be uploaded at university site as well as national portal to give global visibility to the contribution of young technology students.
  • BPUT will set up a jury comprising representatives from MSME and other stakeholders to choose the 10 best projects in each discipline. Finally 3 or less top /best projects will be selected in each discipline on the basic of a) social application b) tech edge c) frugality of materials or MLM. The three projects could be one from each category.
  • A special clearing house will be organised every year at the trade fair to generate demand for outstanding project for licensing or otherwise through the industries.
  • The existing Innovation und at MSME will also be used for providing awards and incubation support to good commercially potential projects. Details will be worked out separately. The idea is up to 7 -10lac rupees could be invested in potentially viable technologies to encourage students to set up their own enterprises to promote entrepreneurship and linkage between academia and industry.
  • The Innovation und will also be used to provide awards to the students, recognition to the faculty for guiding socially useful project, for announcing challenge awards for widespread problems of specific industries / clusters so that time bound solutions can be developed.
  • BPUT will organise industrial shodh yatra of the students after 3rd year in the summer break in different MSME clusters and rural areas to identify the problems which can be solved through final year projects. Students will be given 3, 4 credits for developing a synopsis based on review of at least 25 patents and 50 papers related to the challenge /problem.
  • BPUT will offer by restructuring the existing curriculum 4-6 credits or more per term for taking up these problems of final year projects.
  • MSME dpt will issue an advertisement inviting industry associations and industries to come forward to have the students team visit hem to learn, benchmark and share a literature review on those problems to facilitate systematic attempt for solving them.
  • Recognising the fact that large no of MSMEs do not have website and other basic IT infra it was decided that MSME dpt will issue an advertisement inviting expression of interest from the MSME entrepreneurs desirous of having a web site developed by the students of BPUT and other institutes if interested. Dpt will also provide a web space for hosting these sites at a nominal cost. The ICT students of BPUT and other institutes will be motivated to make these sites as a part of their learning process. They will be given due credit at the site and the best site designs by the students will be given awards.
  • Prof Gupta offered to have the best 5 students who have written outstanding synopsis of the problem and created website to do internship with NIF/Sristi a IIM-A.
  • VC, BPUT agreed to take necessary steps via board of studies to facilitate the granting of credits for students efforts on identifying challenges of MSMNE and informal sectors, for working on them and also for protecting IPR, provide risk fund/venture fund for setting up enterprises.
  • Dpt of MSME , Govt of Odisha will set up dedicated fund for investing risk capitals/ angel fund in the transition of proof of concept technology and prototype to product development and product o business development. For each stage of funding the special purpose vehicle created for the purpose can take at least 5 % equity in the enterprise. It is assumed that 90% of this investment may not generate any return initially. The success of 10% may eventually pay for it. In any case this fund should be seen as an investment in promoting entrepreneurship development in this state.
  • A special fund need to be created at dpt of MSME and/or university to file at least 1000 patents based on student projects of significant novelty. Up to a max of 30,000 Rs per patent may be granted in lieu of which 5% equity may be retained through a MOA between the university and the student. Sristi would be happy to extend a workshop of IP attorneys for not only making the 1st draft but also helping in filing it.
  • Summer workshop will be organised in multiple locations for time bound prototype development such as mobile based glucose meter, mechanical devices for improving labours in brick kiln, processing forest products etc. A project can be developed for organisation of initial workshops through sristi, university, NIF/GIAN and industry clusters. However purpose is to institutionalise this culture of collaborative problem solving among the young technology students. CS had suggested achallenge award be introduced for developing pollution free, noiseless solution for motorised boats in lake chilka. Similar challenges can issued for other problems of the state.
  • Urgent workshops will be organised with student volunteers interested in developing low cost devices to process biological resources available in abundance due to cyclone related damaged. Such workshops can be organised on long term basis to address the need periodically in days to come.
  • It was decided that each college will have a National Innovation Club having 4 functions of searching, spreading, sensing and celebrating creativity and innovation. The sensing will involve identifying unsolved challenges of society. The best innovations clubs will be given awards every year.
  • Based on the inspiration drawn from the Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award ( GYTI , ) given away by Techpedia at Sristi every year at IIM-Ahmedabad , a similar state level innovation award to appreciate young student innovators across universities can be established.
  • Every student in Eng College will be encouraged to develop an open source multimedia, multi language content on any topic of any subject of class for school children. The goal is to provide access to high quality content for every school child.

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Envisaging a university based innovation ecosystem at BPUT for academic year 2014-15 with joint efforts from dpt from MSME, Odisha






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