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Hydro power generation through slow flow sewage water
Name of user/organization : Mr. K. Balakrishnan, Bangalore, Karnataka
It is a 35 feet long conical pipe with 4.5 ft diameter opening at suction and 7.5 feet diameter opening at delivery end. The pipe is provide with helical blades of 15 degree helix angle. First half of the pipe is provided with 12 no. of blades for proper suction.Second half of the pipe is provided with 24 no. of blades to create better torque. The whole arrangement were hinged over a suitable framework with free moving bearing. The delivery end of the pipe is coupled with suitable power transmission system and further with alternator to produce electricity .Innovator has claimed it producing 30 kVA electricity at 40 lps and 1 m head . Looking augmentation for : Design analysis and redesigning of turbine using the concept for trapping energy form slow moving sewage water effectively without difficulties in maintenance.
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Manual paddy trasnplanter
Name of user/organization : Mr. Photo Singh Chauhan, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh
Millions of women have to bend their backs for hours standing naked feet in the water to transplant paddy in the fields. Innovator developed a manual machine which has a tray which moves backward & forward with the movement of lever. Ground wheel is attached with spring lever which ensures planting in the next row at accurate interval. It can maintain row to row distance 22 cm, hill to hill distance 32.4 cm at depth of operation 6 cm and number of seedlings per hill 4. It is observed that using this transplanter missing hills are less than 5 %, floating hills are less than 5 %, Angle of stand from ground level is 70 degree and damaged seedlings are less than 2 %. Due to number of steps involved it has planting cycle 8.59 s which should be around one second. It takes around 90 hours in transplanting a hectare which should be about 15 hours. Looking for: To design the manual paddy transplanter suiting Indian conditions . It should be easy to operate, clean and maintain; less in weight so that it can be carried easily; be at least three times in efficiency as compared to human effort; be able to be used in different kinds of soils with minor modifications to suit local needs. It should be affordable in cost for small farmers and the construction material should be easily available across the country
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Tractor Operated Tree Pruner
Name of user/organization : Shri Gurmel Singh Dhonsi | 6th Standard | Shri Ganganagar, Rajasthan |
The service port and hydraulic system for three point linkages give drive to system.The attachment includes mounting frame, hydraulic line, hydraulic pump & motor, chain & sprockets, rotary blades and rocker arms. The rocker arms are mounted on a shaft at an angle of 120 degree. The blades are made of high carbon steel. Hydraulic motor: 15 kW .Can be attached to tractor of size > 40 hp .Cutting blade rotates at 4200 rpm .Can prune trees of height 20 ft (blade vertical) and can top dress the plants of height 12-15 ft (blade horizontal). Can cover a circle of 10 ft diameter while standing the tractor at one place Can cover about 200 plants in one hour spaced 18-20 ft Fuel consumption: 3.5 lph . Augmentation required : The machine is working well, however there is need of developing the machine at small scale suiting small size of tractors or may be low cost self propelled machine.
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Rapid Compost Maker
Name of user/organization : Shri Gurmel Singh Dhonsi | 6th Standard | Shri Ganganagar, Rajasthan
Tractor mounted machine which can aerate, humidify and mix the bio wastes.Repeat 4 times in the interval of 5 days in summer and 7 days in winter Total time for converting the biomass into manure is 25 -40 days, against 90-120 days in conventional methods Can process 400 ton biomass/h Fuel consumption: 3.5-4.0 lph.Rotor speed : 350 rpm Weight of attachment 27 q .Quality of compost was tested by ARS Durgapura and Chambal Fertlizers & Chemicals Ltd and found to have better value of NPK. The machine is working well, however there is need of developing the machine of small size suiting small size tractors (starting from 15-18 hp)
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Cotton Ball Picking Machine
Name of user/organization : Nattubhai R Wadher | 38 Years| 12th Standard|Farming | Surendra Nagar, Gujarat | SRISTI |
Takes the drive from tractor PTO. When the tractor moves forward, the cotton plant comes in between the guides which forward the plants towards the plucking unit. The cotton balls are plucked by rotating star wheels mounted on inclined shaft. The wheels made of fibre belt acts as beaters and detach the balls from plant. These strike the cotton balls and detach them from plants by beating force.Rolling rubber belts carry the balls towards suction pipes on both sides. Aspirators suck the cotton balls through suction pipes Final product is under development . Looking for: Design optimization which includes designing cotton ball picking / harvesting arrangement in such way that harvesting operation does not damage the cotton plants and also un-matured or semi-matured balls on plant. Material optimization in order to reduce the total weight of the machine to reduce the wear & tear , maintenance requirement and reduce the fuel consumption. Overall practical and economical feasibility study , defining market potential of the machine and preparation of overall business plan
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Paddy Thresher
Name of user/organization : Md. Faijul Hoque | Assam |
A whole stalk paddy thresher which can thresh moist/wet crop. It has spike tooth cylinder and semi cylindrical concave. There are 8 spikes.The concave clearance can be adjusted by changing the length of each spike (between 0 and 35 mm) There is no sieve or shaker, the grains directly fall from the concave gap and cleaned by the blower just below the concave.It needs 5 hp power Average feed rate : 600 kg/h (Paddy crop). The machine can support feed rate upto 900 kg/h (mansuri variety grown in Assam). The corresponding grain output : 444 kg/h .Threshing efficiency = 96.56%, Cleaning efficiency = 89.06%; Broken grain proportion, =0.632% , Spilled grain =0.283 %, Blown grain =0.359% and Unthreshed grain = 1.627% . Looking for: Design optimization ensuring safety standards, easy transportation, proper selection and utilization of material and easy assembling/dismantling
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Biomass gasification system
Name of user/organization : Shri Rai Singh Dahiya, Jaipur, Rajasthan
The system has unique gasification unit and filtering mechanism. Gasifier is compact and surrounded by water jacket. (Feedback of scientists from TERI) Producer gas is cooled by heat exchanger (water jacket) Producer gas is cleaned by a grit filter and a baffle filter (having perforated and non perforated plates/baffles surrounded by local dry grass) Unlike other gasifiers, gas is not scrubbed by water Ideal fuel: Dry wood (upto 30-35 cm long), coconut shell and coconut husk (MC < 20% db) Calorific value of producer gas: 1000 kCal/m3, Composition: CO 21 %, H2 12%, CO2 15% (tested by TERI) .Thermal efficiency: 25% Fuel requirement 1.25-1.5 kg wood/kVA-hr . Looking for: Design optimization for different capacity of biomass gasifier to enable: Easy transportation, Proper selection and utilization of material and easy assembling/dismantling
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Battery Operated Tricycle
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/Asjadbhai Dukka
Understanding the needs of his father for transportation, Asjadbhai came up with this battery operated tricycle. Description : It works with the help of battery, DC Motor (24V and 21 Watt and 1.5Amp) and two gears. It can run on any type of road and sandy terrains and slope also. The vehicle has been customised with low height adjustable push back seats, newspaper and water bottle carrier and a safety lock to prevent backward motion on slopes. Additionally, the side arm support can be lifted up to enable the rider to climb up the seat easily. The vehicle offers a very comfortable ride to the traveller.
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Scooter mounted washing machin
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/Sheikh jahangir
Based on the same principle of flour mill Shaikh Jahangir made the scooter mounted washing machine. The machine will be mounted on the back seat of scooter and will be powered by the scooter engine with the help of V-belt and pulley transmission system. The washing machine have horizontal rotating shaft. There are two cylinders; outer one is used as the body. The inner cylinder which is made of perforated sheet of metal is used to put the cloths for washing. Outer cylinder is used to contain the water. The inside cylinder is attached to the shaft which in turn is powered by the engine through V-belt and pulley transmission system. This washing machine is top loaded but works as front loading washing machine, which helps in saving of power and water as compared to the top loading washing machine. The same cylinder also works as the spinner. For first time cleaning dry cloths capacity of the washing machine is 500 grams and water required is only 2 litres. As part of second cleaning to remove the extra soap lather two to three litres of water is required. Time required for washing cloths is nearly four to five minutes.
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Wind Mill
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/Mehtar Hussain and Mustaq Ahemad
Alstom Foundation, France joins hands with GIAN for low cost wind mill project In its endeavour to help Agariyas (salt farmers) of Little Rann of Kachchh, by diffusing grassroots innovation of low cost wind mill originally developed by Mehtar Hussian and Mushtak Ahmed of Assam, Alstom Foundation, France approved financial support for installation of 50 wind mills in the first phase. GIAN West is in the process of technology assessments through Alstom Wind experts. Website : Availability of interrupted and limited power supply for irrigation is bigger problems than availability of irrigation water in rural areas of India. In the salt farming area of little runn of Kutchh, power supplies is not available and therefore traditionally farmers are using diesel engine to lift water from the tube well or open well.
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Long lasting electricity bulb
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/Bachubhai thesia
Normal electricity AC has 50 cycles/second. In case of short circuit or loose connection, this can go up to thousands that results in the bulb filament breaking off. The modified bulb of Bachubhai prevents this due to the presence of a circuit in it. The aluminium holder of a bulb is heated, which expands and is taken out easily, the glass is perfectly sealed. A chit of the name of the person is inserted in the glass hollow in the centre. A fibre circuit is also put inside, which enables the bulb to last longer. Since these bulbs last longer, miscreants used to steal them from his buyers’ houses/fields hence he started putting the name chits inside the bulbs to identify the owner of the bulb.
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Modified Wood Stove
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/Bharatbhai Agrawat
Traditional wood stoves, by virtue of their design, do not optimally use the heat generated and also emit much smoke and pollutants due to incomplete combustion. In this case, the stove consists of two chambers, each with a burner for cooking, and a geyser for heating water. Both burners can be used simultaneously, saving time and using the heat effectively. The heating chambers are oriented at different levels in order to be able to completely utilise the heat energy produced connected to a chimney, which provides part of the draft. Inside the main chamber, mud has been used as insulating material to retain the heat. There are air vents on the sides of the first chamber to allow cooling of stove so that it is not too hot to touch for the women/men using it.
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Tractor Without Steering
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/Bachubhai
Rotatory tractor: The tractor operates on a 10 HP stationary engine and consumes around five litres of diesel in around eight hours of work. Steering has been removed and two levers have been put in its place for navigating the vehicle. The levers are connected to the left and right front wheels respectively. The motor powers the rear wheels to which brakes have also been provided. Though not much interested in agriculture, Bachubhai had still observed that to turn bullocks in a particular direction, the rope tied to the mouth of the bullock had to be pulled inward in the same direction. He used the same logic in his tractor. The accelerator is near the engine and is in the form of a handle, the position of which determines the acceleration speed. The two levers operate the clutch and the brake (the mechanism of which is unclear as it has not been disclosed. Probably the innovation lies in this assembly that operates both the brakes and clutch). In normal vertical position (90 degree to the ground) both, the brakes and clutch, are free. Pushing the lever in front perhaps releases the clutch and accelerates the wheel while pulling it back puts the brakes on. To turn the vehicle say for example to the left, the left lever is pulled in and the right lever is pushed in front. As a result, the front wheels turn towards left, the left rear wheel is prevented from moving while the right one moves resulting it the vehicle turning in 360 degrees to the left. The front wheels that can turn close to 90 degrees help the vehicle to rotate in a circle. The tractor has four gears, three for the front movement and one reverse. In the first version, the gear box was not present and chain was used to transmit the power from engine to the rear wheel. Later Bachubhai thought that he had to bring the tractor from his home to the field, some one and a half kilometers away; he should put a gear box so that the load on the engine may be reduced and speed increased, as normal driving requires less effort than doing agricultural operations.
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Mobile scooter mounted flour mill
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/ Sheikh Jahangir
Everybody can not afford personal flour mill and the services provided by flour mill owners have certain disadvantages. There are always chances that mill owner will blend different quality of flours, there are also likely evidences of unhygienic conditions in which grains are grinded, we suffer standing in a queue etc. Inspired by the scooter mounted painting device developed by innovator previously, he thought to utilize the same idea for developing scooter mounted floor mill. This innovation facilitated him to provide the service at doorsteps of the customers. Hence, the innovation took form of a small flour mill mounted on scooter and powered by the scooter engine. This makes the flour mill mobile and can serve people at their door step. Small flour mill mounted on the back seat of scooter is powered with the help of V-belt and pulley system. The smaller pulley is attached to the crankshaft and a larger pulley is attached to the flourmill. The feed of grain into flourmill and fineness of the flour are controlled in similar manner as conventional one. Its performance can be improved by reducing the frictional losses in the transmission. The present prototype is run by using the petrol but GIAN is exploring the possibility of using LPG through a simple attachment, which could drastically increase performance of scooter-mounted flourmill, and thereby reducing the cost of fuel consumption and ultimately providing the services at lower cost.
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Battery Operated Wheel Chair by Asjadbhai
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/Asjadbhai Dukka
This battery operated wheel chair consists of a two 12 Volt battery, DC motor (21 watt and 1.5 A), gears for power transmission and control system for regulating the speed of the motor. It consists of four wheels (2 small front wheels & 2 big rear wheels). The battery and DC motor is mounted on the chassis and is covered by the seat of the vehicle. Innovator’s father has a paralysis effect on the right side of body and therefore can only move his left portion therefore a lever is provided on lest hand side of wheel chair which act as a steering to control the wheel chair. This lever is attached to the left front wheel through the link mechanism. Two buttons provided on the lever facilitates the for forward and reverse movement of wheel chair. The lever is also integrated with the braking lever to stop the wheel chair. A charging plug-in is provided at the front part below the seat for charging the batteries. The on and off switch is also provided on the left hand side and beneath the seat front portion. The user can easily change the direction using one hand. Size : Length : 31", Width : 25", Height : 38" Weight : 35 Kg
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Bullet Proof Jacket
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/Makrand Kale
The herbal bulletproof jacket is made up of 80 percent herbal ingredients consisting of proteins, silk and cotton and twenty percent chemical constituents. Cotton cloth pieces and chemical preparations are layered alternatively. The combination of the material distributes the impact strength of high-speed bullet. Webbing of cotton cloth has a significant impact in context of energy absorption. The fabrication follows mixing, dilution, grinding, blending, impregnation and drying to get the final product.
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Wind Mill Operated Power Generator
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/Dineshbhai Ashodia
Wind mills generally are not helpful in generating electricity when the velocity of the air reduces below a certain level. A possible solution has been developed by Dineshbhai in his magneto type generator, which works particularly well in winds with low cutting speed. The output of the generator is also independent of the variations in the wind speed and is constant.
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Hand Driven Sprayer
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/Gopalbhai Surtia
The innovator, a farmer by profession. When family did not appreciate his tinkering with farm implements to modify them, Gopalbhai started working on his ideas in the night when family was asleep. He has designed and built a manual sprayer powered by the motion of cycle wheels of the pulling cart. The innovativeness of the design lies in harnessing the torque generated by the motion of bicycle wheels on the ground to drive the piston of the sprayer.
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Head Load Reducing Device
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/Shri Khimjibhai Kanadia
Rural women walk many tens of miles with heavy load on their head which causes stress, discomfort and eventually head and neck injuries. The product is an ergonomically designed device fixed on top of the head, with two extended supporting rods from the sides of the device. The device transfers the weight carried on the head to the shoulders, which is better positioned to carry weight.
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Auto Compression Sprayer
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/Arvindbhai Patel
The sprayer utilizes the ergonomic jerk experienced by a person while walking to generate pressure which operates the sprayer. The spring and dead weight act as an actuator for generating pressure inside the pump and thus spraying is done without any manual strokes required for operation. There is tremendous savings in manual energy while spraying due to which the productivity of spraying increases. The innovator of the Auto Compression sprayer is Sh. Arvindbhai Patel, who is a serial innovator. He has invented many other devices like the Natural Water Cooler and Auto Air Kick Pump. He has studied up to Class Xth and had enrolled for an ITI Course, but he dropped out midway. Arvindbhai has also worked for about 5 years as a mechanic in a petrol pump
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Whole Stalk Paddy Thresher
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/Mahipal Sinh D Rana
This innovation was developed by Late Dilip Sinh Rana where the stalks of the paddy are prevented from getting broken during the threshing process. Paddy stalks are the main source of fodder for the animals in the region. In whole stalk the nutritional value is conserved, it is easy to handle and very good raw material for paper industry also.
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Two-wheeler based mobile spray painting device
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/Sheikh Jahangir Sheikh Usman
In order to get rid of problem of electricity failure, expensive charges of hihring the compressor from other vendors, Shri Shaikh Jahangir has developed a scooter based mobile spray painting device. The spraying unit consists of a one hp air compressor head and a cylindrical air tank to store the pressurized air. The scooter engine power is taken to the compressor head through a belt drive.In the present system, the crankshaft of scooter engine is extended and a pulley is mounted on it, deriving the power from it to run the compressor.he compressor head pressurizes air, which is transferred to the air tank through the connecting exhaust port. The pressurized air from air tank is supplied to spray-painting unit through its delivery point.
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Suraksha Tong
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/Shri Arvindbhai Patel
In everyday life one has to deal with hot plates and vessels regularly, mostly in kitchen. To avoid the high temperature, one either uses some insulators or some sort of gadgets, which are very expensive in the market. Tongs are one of the commonly used gadgets used for these purposes. It is basically a utensil-holding device inevitable in any kitchen, laboratory and mechanical workshop. Tongs available on the market are often clumsy and invariable unsatisfactory for the user. In most of the cases they are unreliable and cause accidents. Shri Arvindbhai Patel took the challenge for designing an innovative tong. He keenly watched the functioning of the common household tongs and discussed the problems with the potential users. From the feedbacks which he obtained about the conventional tongs, he designed a gadget, which is closest to their requirements. Also it is user-friendly and very cheap as compared to the conventional tongs available in the market.
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Non Stick Coated Earthen (Clay) Tawa
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network/Mr. Mansukhbhai Prajapati
Non Stick coated Tawas are essential part of kitchen to prepare south Indian and low oil food but the coventional Non Stick coated tawas is costly and its life is about one year. Innovator came out with innovative solution and made a fusion of traditional and modern technology. He is master of making clay tawas because it is his family business and he learned the modern technology of Non Stick coating. The combination takes shape of solution, in which he made a Non Stick coating on conventional clay tawa. He used black Non Stick because black colour is a good heat absorber that is good for the cooking.
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Mitti Cool Refrigerator: An affordable refrigerator
Name of user/organization : Gujarat Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network
A fridge for the common man that does not require electricity and keeps food fresh too. With this basic parameter in mind Mansukhbhai came up with Mitticool, a fridge made of clay. It works on the principle of evaporation. Water from the upper chambers drips down the side, and gets evaporated taking away heat from the inside , leaving the chambers cool. The top upper chamber is used to store water. A small lid made from clay is provided on top. A small faucet tap is also provided at the front lower end of chamber to tap out the water for drinking use. In the lower chamber, two shelves are provided to store the food material. The first shelf can be used for storing vegetables, fruits etc. and the second shelf can be used for storing milk etc. Cool and affordable, this clay refrigerator is a very good option to keep food, vegetables and even milk naturally fresh for days.
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Areca DE huskers
Name of user/organization : All India Areca Growers Association, Puttur
Many models are in use. But small table top model with around 20 kg husking for four capacity using less electricity - without noise and dust.
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Earth Compacting chemical
Name of user/organization : All India Areca Growers Association, Puttur
Farm yards, house and campus yards need regular maintenance to remove grassy over growth, fill eroded loose soil etc. A chemical additive prior to compacting care gives long life to the surface. (Such chemicals are available for road making) we need a cheaper alternative.
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Moisture meter
Name of user/organization : All India Areca Growers Association, Puttur
Areca/Copra (dried coconut) needs to be dried to obtain optimum quality. A good noninvasive electronic cost meter (Rs.2,500/-) is required.
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Foldable Hand Carts
Name of user/organization : All India Areca Growers Association, Puttur
Foldable Carts with tarpaulin hoppers single/2 wheel and 4 wheel options. With M.Steel or wooden frame options. Price Rs. 2,500.
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Powerd Hand Carts
Name of user/organization : All India Areca Growers Association, Puttur
Hand operated battery driven/Petrol engine Hand carts/ wheel barrow (D.C motor � Gear less) Speed control required. To handle up to 250 kgs load, even easy to operate on a slope. Price range Rs. 25,000. Single/two and four wheel models.
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