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HBN database of abandoned and expired USPTO patents fr social, ecological and industrial applications by start-ups, entrepreneurs or researchers

HBN database of abandoned and expired US patents for use by small entrepreneurs, start-ups and inventors, innovators and students worldwide

USPTO maintains a comprehensive open access database of all patents filed in USA. Once a patent is abandoned or expires, it becomes part of global commons. Anybody can use this knowledge for further advancing their research, experimentation, product development and developing new innovations. To encourage the new innovators, entrepreneurs, start-ups, students and researchers, The Honey Bee Network has developed open access databases of people’s knowledge (, honeybee.Org ) and innovations as well as that of the engineering students (, over 200,000 projects done by over 500,000 students). SRISTI and the HBN aspire to be the world’s largest open access innovation database providers to promote the culture of caring, sharing and daring to address unmet needs of our society. Pl contact us if you wish to support this work and join hands in translating these databases in local languages or

We cross-checked all the patents from Google Patents and from the patent number thus obtained we used REST APIs to query from USPTO and get all the details. This double checking ensured that the patents are mapped correctly. The data obtained from USPTO was in a JSON format and not user-friendly, so we converted all the raw data to an easily usable excel format. The findings suggested that the majority of the patents get abandoned because the patentee did not pay the required amount to maintain the patent. However, the technology hadn't become obsolete. We want to make such patents easily accessible to make it useful to the inventors.

The database contains the patent number, the reason for abandoning of patents, the date of grant of patents as well as WIPO classification number, so that a user could search for the patents related to her/his field, besides other details. We want to expand the project to include such abandoned patents from other countries as well to make a rich database of recent usable technologies which can be readily accessible to every entrepreneur, start-up and student/scholar worldwide.

The APIs and the database collection and storage was done by Devika Kaushal and Zaigham Khan, alumni of IIM Nagpur, under the guidance and support by Prof Anil Gupta (CSIR Bhatnagar Fellow, Visiting Faculty, IIMA and IITB, Founder, Honey Bee Network, SRISTI, GIAN and NIF).

No copyright violation is intended. This effort is entirely driven by public interest and is intended to expand the public domain for making the culture of open science and technology popular for larger social good. NO liability is entertained for any inadvertent mistake in the database.

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