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Swatch Bharat Abhiyan

Sr. No. Title Innovator College/Institutes Year
1 Portable Geo-specific Water Filtration Bottle Ramesh Kumar Indian Institutes of Technology, Madras 2017
Anupam Chandra
2 A Mechanism for Toilet Seat Sanitation Arvind Pujari Indian Institutes of Technology, Madras 2017
D V S S S Kushal Kumar Reddy
Shashwat Jain
Subham Kumar Sahana
Tanay Garg
3 Low cost and field-portable smartphone platform water testing kit for detection and analysis of contaminants in drinking water Iftak Hussain Tezpur University, Assam 2017
Dr. Kamal Uddin Ahamad
4 Industrial Production of Poly (lactic Acid) based Biodegradable Films with Highly Improved Gas Barrier Properties for Food Packaging Application: A Potential Candidate to Replace Conventional Synthetic Polymers Akhilesh Kumar Pal Indian Institutes of Technology, Guwahati 2017
5 A Novel Hybrid System for Textile Dye Waste Water Treatment. Bhaskar Bethi National Institute of Technology, Warangal 2017
6 Paper-based Device For Rapid Detection Of Dengue Sanjay Kumar Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 2017
Pulak Bhushan
7 Energy efficient combined process of microbial fuel cell (MFC) and membrane bioreactor (MBR) for high efficiency and reliable treatment of organic wastewater Sreemoyee Ghosh Ray, Gourav Dhar Bhowmick Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur 2016
8 Development of a novel, non- biological pyrogen/microcellular components detection technique for purification and depyrogenation of water. Yadav Vijay Dukhran, Rohan Chhabra, Nikhil Kalane, Anomitra Dey, Tejal Pant, Dr.   2016
Ratnesh Jain Institute of Chemical Technology
9 Low Cost Sanitary napkin disposal machine Aiswarya Paramadathil Adi Shankara Institute of engineering and technology 2016
10 Novel Technique For Energy Generation Coupled With Treatment Of Wastewater And Resource Recovery Using E-Waste As Electrode Material In Microbial Fuel Cell Praveena Gangadharan IIT Madras 2015
11 Suchi-Ahvana Pratik Raj IIITDM Jabalpur 2015
12 Recyclable Porous Sheets For Low- Cost Water Filter Abhishek Gandhi IIT Delhi 2015
13 Novel Algal Bioreactor for Wastewater Treatment and Biofuel (lipid) Production Durga Madhab Mahapatra IndianĀ  Institute of Science, Bangalore 2014
14 Jaivik Prakash (Bio photonics): A simple tool for detection of hazardous materials and sanitary condition at rural level Rajeev Ranjan CSIR-Central Food Technological Research Institute 2014
15 A portable and efficient electronic filter for sub-micron particles from fluids Aswathi R Nair Indian Institute of Science 2013
16 Cowdung based Microbial Fuel Cells(CDFC) to light up Indian Villages Vishnu Jayaprakash, Prof. T S Natrajan University of California, Berkeley,USA 2013
17 Hydro operated square bottom paper and jute bag making machine also generate electricity and filter water.   Punjab Technological University 2013
Anirudh Thakur
18 Dredger Amit Dinanath IIT Bombay 2013
Maurya, Digvijay Maheshwari
19 Mosquitocidal Endotoxin From Vellore Poultry Farm Wastes Bishwambhar Mishra, Abhishek Vit University, Vellore 2013
20 Jeevandhara- A Hand pump Integrated With A Filtration System Kirti Ranjan IIT Kharagpur 2012
21 Rolling Water Purifier - Roll Pure Ramesh Kumar Indian Institutes of Technology Madras 2018
Swathy Ravindran
22 A multipurpose low cost biological air purifier Neeta Wagle Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth Pune 2018
Priti Prabhakar Yewale
23 Eco Friendly Water retention Natural Polymer Mr. Narayan Lal Gurjar MPUAT Udaipur  
Mr. Shashi Pratap Singh Shekhawat 2018
Mr. Ankit Jain
24 Cerium impregnated activated carbon composite as a filtering material for fluoride removal from groundwater Mahipal Indian Institute Of Technology Patna 2018
Hasan Ahmed Faisal
25 Bioelectric Toilet: A Novel Approach For Treatment Of Human Waste And Generating Onsite Electricity For Lighting Toilets. Indrasis Das Indian Institute Of Technology Kharagpur 2018
Dipak A. Jadhav

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